There are about 10 sorts of pins. only provides top quality balloon pins, which means only pins made in the Epola (hard enamel) process are available through

Epola (also called Hard Enamel) balloon pins have a smooth polished surface, and are available in all possible PMS colors on a gold, silver, bronze or black back plating.

For tiny details which can not be done with filled enamel, a top layer of silkscreen will be applied.

Procedure and lead time
To give you the best possible quotation, no fixed fixed price ranges are used, but all designs are quoted individually. The price is based on the number of colors used in the pin, the size of the pin and the complexity of the design. There is no charge for having a design made and quoted, so feel free to ask for your personal quote, based on your own wishes.

As soon the design and quotation are satisfactory, the invoice will be sent to you per email. This invoice includes all details you need for making the payment. After receipt of the payment, production of your pins will start. After 15-20 days – based on the number of pins ordered and the complexity of the design – your pins are ready to be shipped.

All goods are shipped directly from the factory in China to you by express service. The shipping process takes about 4-6 days (depending on your location) and is usually done by FedEx.

Rush service
If you are in a hurry, is always here to check if your pins can be produced in less time than usual. In certain cases, goods were shipped within 1 week after the order. So, if you are in a hurry, please drop a note per email on and you will be informed about the possibilities ASAP.

There are some optional extras to order for your pins. The pins can be numbered on the backside. It is also possible to put text on the backside of your pin – like your website address, company name, balloon name, etc. There is a choice of different attachments. Some of them, you can explore below.